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ごめんね青春! (2014/10/12/ PM9:00~)

The dorama hasn’t even started and I already want to drop it as a hot potato on the cold hard ground.

Anonimo ha chiesto: I really want to see the guides hey-justine just talked about. Can you tell me how to find them? Also I found your blog because someone reblogged one of your comments and I just lost it. Keep it going. Somebody has to speak/write the truth.

The guides Justine was talking about are the PRACTICE GUIDES I made something like a year ago. Lot of comic sans, lot of bitching. English at Nishi’s level. Like. A must.
You make it sound like I’m doing something very important when in reality I’m just throwing side glances at the book I should read for the upcoming exam in favour of bitching about seven old farts who can’t talk to a woman without speaking at her breast.

So… thank you, I guess?

hey-justine ha detto:: Tumblr app sucks so much it won't show me the symbols so I'll just say I found your blog through the guides to K8. You should make a real powerpoint out of them so I can educate my friends and family. XD

It would turn into a slideshow of boobs captured from different angles with some balls thrown in the middle. No parent is ready for this.
No parent deserves this.

NO PARENT *fades in the distance and stumbles over the cat*


Chinese Tyrannosaurs


Chinese Tyrannosaurs

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Kanjani8 in their natural environment

Keep ‘em there so maybe they will eventually go extinct.

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Subaru has some hair left on his leg because not even their razors are straight.

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10 DAYS TO 20Who make up TOKIO?

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More images of Spinosaurus - the swimming dinosaur revealed by National Geographic this week. Apparently, when it wasn’t swimming, it walked on it’s knuckles.

You can hear NPR’s story about it here.

AAAAND … you can get more info in the October edition of National Geographic magazine, watch National Geographic/NOVA special airing on PBS Nov. 5 at 9 p.m, or visit the exhibit at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C., starting Sept. 12. Seriously, they’ve got a lot of stuff about this dinosaur.

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Calm it down Jimi Hendrix.

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